About Us

Mission & Vision

Nobody can say AIE doesn't set our sights high. Our goal? No less than re-envisioning education—one school leader at a time.

The Need: Facing a Crisis

Everyone is a stakeholder of public education. It is a harsh reality that Louisiana's students perform at or near the bottom when compared nationally. We have failed to provide millions of children with the most basic skills needed to succeed as adults. We are facing a crisis because the quality of education our students receive affects the quality of life for all.


AIE is dedicated to investing its care, resources and hard work in identifying and recruiting school leaders and teachers, offering high quality professional development at all levels, and designing engaging lessons to prepare all students for life in the 21st century.

Meet Our Team

AIE's team members have backgrounds in business and education, but the most important common denominator across the team is our passion for students — which constantly keeps our children at the forefront of our mission.

Board of Directors

The AIE Board of Directors plays a pivotal role in reflecting the diverse interests of our state. The Board holds our CEO accountable and oversees crucial operations with commitment, foresight, and integrity.