Louisiana Charter Schools

Many charter schools are filling their leadership needs with principals that have been traditionally prepared.  If a school wants to surpass its potential, its leader needs to be trained and supported as a charter school principal. How can charter schools be the way of the future when there is no pipeline to train their leaders? AIE has one!

The Benefits & Importance of a Succession Plan

To significantly decrease the disruption caused by principal turnover, it is critical to identify and nurture key people with potential for visionary leadership within a school.  Succession plans maintain school improvement from one leader to the next by developing a deeper pool of sustainable leadership talent.

Building School Succession Plans with AIE

Once potential leaders are identified, AIE offers a pathway to Educational Leadership Certification through our Redesigning Lessons, Re-envisioning Principals (RLRP) program. Delivered in partnership with the Louisiana State University E. J. Ourso College of Business, RLRP is designed to develop “edupreneurs” equipped to lead charter schools with executive-type leadership skills and strategies for student success.

Throughout the program, RLRP Participants receive supervision through a mentor, a leadership coach, networking opportunities, cohort based peer support, and a variety of other resources that provide guidance and feedback to aid in their leadership development.