AIE Board Spotlight: Meet Reginald Browhow!

Q: How did you hear about AIE?
A: As a community advocate, I always keep my attentions focused on opportunities for the advancement of children and families.  AIE was introduced to me by a colleague who supports the work that I do.

Q: What made you want to be involved?
A: After doing my research on AIE and its current leadership, it's evident that this organization is strongly vested in the development of excellent leaders who will become highly capable of creating excellent school choices for every student in the Louisiana and abroad.

Q: What are your goals as board member for AIE?
A: As a member of AIE, my primary goal is to see the mission and vision of AIE constantly brought to fruition by remaining on the "cutting edge" of educational and training opportunities by creating an incubator of excellence in the classroom.

Q: What do you believe the most important aspect of AIE’s mission is?
A: The promotion of urgent and  systemic change in education is the most important part of this mission. Simply stated, " Our children can't a result; it is our responsibility to understand and accept this sense of urgency".  When this sense and STATE of urgency becomes a leveled way of approaching education regardless of cultural and socio-economic boundaries, systematic change will happen and will begin to shape future generations.

Q: Why do you feel that training leaders is important in Louisiana education?
A: Great leaders develop great teams. Great teams develop great schools. Great schools develop great students. Great students create great communities! Great communities create boundless generational change!

Personal fact: Just something to share with our network about you...
A: I am a strong advocate of parental involvement (father and mother) and mentoring. My work has been centered around community and student advocacy and it's effect on generational opportunities.

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