Dr. Bianca Brown: RLRP March 2014 Coach of the Month

What is your professional experience (teacher, school level administrator, district administrator)?
Bianca brown

I have 3 years of experience as an elementary teacher, 3 years of experience as a middle school counselor, 5 years of experience as a high school counselor, a year of experience as an instructional specialist, 3 years of experience as a private school principal, and 9 years of experience as an education consultant.Why did you decide to work for AIE as an RLRP Coach?

After obtaining a doctoral degree in Education, I felt the need to utilize my experiences and credentials in a more marketable way.  In the past, I worked as an independent consultant which gave me minimal opportunities.  With that in mind, I knew that if I landed a career as a coach for AIE, it would provide major opportunities for me.  These opportunities included the ability to impact other aspiring leaders and the ability for me to grow as a teacher, leader, and learner.  

How long have you been a coach and how many residents have you served?

Although I have only been a coach for Advance Innovative Education for a few months, so far, the impact has been epic!  My residents are some of the most intellectually sharp individuals that I have encountered in this profession.  I am confident in their ability to lead because of their unwavering drive, assertiveness, and quest to promote positive social change in education.  These are all excellent attributes in any leadership role.  

In your opinion, what sets RLRP apart from other principal certification programs?

Unlike traditional colleges and universities that offer paths to leadership certifications, RLRP allows residents to gain immediate exposure to leadership opportunities.  Additionally, the program require residents to attend weekly Learning Team Meetings.  These meetings are guided by strategic lessons that are rigorous with content pertaining to 1) case scenarios which are centered on a specific ISLLC Standards for Leadership and 2) School Leadership Licensure test prep material.  With the way Advance Innovative Education has developed the RLRP curriculum, I am confident in my residents’ ability to successfully complete both the program and the leadership certification exam.

What has been you most rewarding experience since becoming an RLRP coach?

To be honest, the most rewarding experience has been the knowledge gained from the personal experiences of residents.  The Learning Team Meetings enable all to share ideas, experiences and celebrations from within each school setting.  We share ideas and provide feedback to each other which is always a great collaboration!    

What has been your biggest challenge as a coach?

My biggest challenge would have to be managing my full-time career, this position, and my family.  Although it is a challenge, I think I handle it pretty well!

Why would you recommend the RLRP principal certification program to aspiring school leaders?

This program is an excellent way for an individual to obtain their certification without having to quit their current job.  RLRP principal certification is immediate, convenient, hands-on, inexpensive and one of only 3 approved alternative certification programs for administrators in the state of Louisiana.  The program has produced many great leaders and is centered on research based practices and proven results.    

What piece of advice do you have for anyone considering the program?   

Visit the website.  Advance Innovative Education is a non-profit organization that focuses on reshaping education.  This encompasses urgent systematic change by re-shaping the student, parent, school and community.  If you are passionate about education, then AIE is a great beginning to you promoting positive social change in education.

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