Meet Carolyn Johnson, RLRP Leadership Coach

Mrs. Carolyn Johnson has worked directly with students, teachers, parents, and community members in the role of teacher, counselor, assistant principal, and principal with the East Baton Rouge Parish School System for more than thirty years.  Additionally, she served at the state and university levels in the capacities of State PK-16+ Coordinator, and District/University Coordinator between the EBR School System and the Educational Leadership Department within the College of Education, at Southern University A & M College.

In 2008, Mrs. Johnson was the recipient of the "Governor's Award," acknowledging her leadership, in being among the first in the state to prepare our state's future educational leaders.  In the same year, she received an Instructional Leadership Award from the Southern Regional Educational Board (SREB) for "Preparing a New Breed of School Leaders."

Her decision to join RLRP was due to extensive experience in the role of Leadership Coach, with different educational entities in our state, such as the School Leadership Center of Greater New Orleans, the Recovery School District in Baton Rouge, and just recently, the City of Baker School District.

Mrs. Johnson joined AIE during Summer 2013, and has coached four residents.

What distinguishes RLRP from the traditional principal preparation programs at universities, is its focus on developing business-minded educational leaders, or "edupreneurs", who lead schools more like CEOs of entrepreneurial organizations.

Facilitating Learning Team Meetings, and interacting with residents on leadership topics, is a rewarding experience for her.

She has not encountered any challenges in the role of Leadership Coach with RLRP.

Since Mrs. Johnson has been a Leadership Coach, she has recommended RLRP to aspiring school leaders because of the extra support they would receive from staff members, Leadership Coaches, and other residents in the program, the on-going, quality professional development, and the Leadership Curriculum.

Her advice to those who are serious about school leadership and the RLRP program, is to think deeply about your commitment to becoming a highly effective school leader, and the investment of time that is required toward that end.

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