Paul Jackson: RLRP May 2014 Coach of the Month

What is your professional experience (teacher, school level administrator, district administrator)?Jackson, paul
I have been in education for 11 years, 6 years as a classroom teacher, middle school math. 5 years in leadership and administration.

Why did you decide to work for AIE as an RLRP Coach?
As an alumunus of RLRP, I wanted to be a part of a movement that is producing administrators that will excel in the current educational climate, and continue to improve student achievement.

How long have you been a coach and how many residents have you served?
I have officially been a Coach since January 2014. Uniquely I have had at least a part in working
with three different Cohorts and 10 residents.

In your opinion, what sets RLRP apart from other principal certification programs?
The hands on real-life, situational training that you cannot receive from a university program.
Also, it is the only program that offers continued support after you have graduated.

What has been you most rewarding experience since becoming an RLRP coach?
Watching the growth of the residents, as they begin and are nervous and feel overwhelmed in
some cases, to seeing them confident and assured that they are beginning to master their craft.

What has been your biggest challenge as a coach?
Time management between my Coaching duties, Administrative duties, and family duties.

Why would you recommend the RLRP principal certification program to aspiring school leaders?
I would recommend RLRP because I believe that this program provides the best and most accurate hands on training that an aspiring school leader could receive. Moreover, the support you receive after becoming an administrator is priceless.

What piece of advice do you have for anyone considering the program?
Understand that while it is not a university program, the quality of instruction and expectation
of completion of work in a quality manner may actually exceed that of a university program. It will
require you to work extremely hard, to be focused, but upon completion you will be as prepared
as anyone to be a school leader.


Paul M. Jackson has been in the field of education for eleven years. After working for the State of Louisiana as an accountant, he began teaching, being certified alternatively through the Teach Baton Rouge Program of the East Baton Rouge School System.

Mr. Jackson served as a middle school math teacher, Math Dept. Chair, and School Improvement Team Chair, at Crestworth Middle School. Mr. Jackson also served as a Coach for football, basketball and track.

Mr. Jackson has also served as an Interim Principal, Dean of Students, and Athletic Director, at East Baton Rouge Laboratory Academy, as well as Assistant Principal at Capitol Middle School. Additionally, he has been a consultant, recruiter, and coach for Advance Innovative Educations Re-designing Lessons, Re-envisioning Principals (RLRP) Program, Louisiana’s first statewide alternative certification program for educational leaders.


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