Meet Our Leaders

Meet a few of our certified educational leaders, as well as the current residents! They are attentive, insightful, and knowledgeable. They’re also entrepreneurial and innovative—educational leaders that possess the courage and skills to explore new frontiers and generate systemic change in public education.

Meet Our Leaders

More spotlights coming soon!  

Introducing Cohort Seven!

Introducing Cohort 6

Cohort 4 Residents

Lea Banister, RLRP Cohort 6

Rhonda Detraz

4th Grade ELA Teacher, RLRP Cohort 5

Ronicka Harrison-Briscoe

Assistant Principal
RLRP Cohort 2 Graduate

Paul Jackson

Principal, RLRP Cohort I Graduate

Joan Reilly

RLRP Resident, Literacy Facilitator

Alisa Welsh

Principal, RLRP Beta Cohort Graduate & Former RLRP Coach