2013 RLRP Grant Writing Collaborative Grant Winners

For Immediate Release

Date: August 26, 2013

RLRP Residents attended a recent Saturday Seminar Grant Writing Workshop led by Carrie Peña, MBA of Argentum Consulting.  After the workshop, the residents were given an opportunity to compete for grants benefiting their schools.  The following pictures feature Dr. Michael Eskridge, Executive Director of AIE, presenting checks to the winners:


Dr. Michael Eskridge presents a check for $200 to benefit Glen Oaks Middle School. Melanie Brenckle, far left with glasses, Cheree Franklin, wearing head band, John Easterly, purple shirt, Kristina McKenzie -Hudson, blue shirt, back row on left is Hernan Ochoa and Larry Minor, speaker of the day in the yellow tie.


From left to right, Lauren Williams, Dr. Michael Eskridge and Jessica Anderson. Dr. Eskridge presents a check for $200 to benefit Capitol Elementary School.