AIE To Sponsor Teacher Appreciation Luncheon At EBR Laboratory Academy On 5/4/11

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Date: May 2, 2011

Advance Innovative Education (AIE) is continuing its ongoing support for the East Baton Rouge Laboratory School by sponsoring a luncheon in appreciation of faculty and staff on Wednesday, May 4, 2011.

AIE began its support for the EBR Lab School in 2006 by managing the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Grant funds provided for the school’s planning and creation. During the four years the school has been in operation, AIE has funded various small grants for teachers and administrators. In addition, Paul Jackson, the Dean of Students/Athletic Director, received educational leadership certification through AIE’s alternative certification program, Redesigning Lessons, Re-envisioning Principals (RLRP). Jackson credits RLRP as having, “given [him] the knowledge and insight of how to gain needed resources to enhance the teaching and learning process for teachers and students.”

Describing school partnerships and support, Principal Molly Williams explains, "EBR Lab seeks partnerships with organizations that contribute to attracting and retaining quality talent, improving student achievement, and preparing our students to succeed in college. Career Compass, for example, has been indispensable in ensuring college selection and acceptance for our students. They have truly fulfilled their mission to assist and guide high school students by enlightening, encouraging, and empowering them to pursue post-secondary training."

The East Baton Rouge Parish School Board should also be recognized for seeing the value in keeping the EBR Lab School open. Dr. Kristy Hebert says, “The EBR School Board deserves a big ‘thank you’ for giving these teachers the opportunity to return next year and continue making a difference in the lives of these students.”

Principal Williams is excited for the opportunity to celebrate her faculty and staff. She says, “EBR Lab's faculty and staff are the heartbeat of our school. In only four years, their hard work and dedication to student achievement has grown EBR Lab from one class of scholars into a full 9th - 12th grade high school. This luncheon is not only a celebration of that achievement, but also an opportunity to show our appreciation for the faculty and staff that came together this year and formed a shared school mission and vision. Their passion for our scholars will make our school even better because they are returning for our 5th year!”

The event is open to the press and will take place in Room 233 at the East Baton Rouge Laboratory Academy, located at 3730 Winbourne Ave., Baton Rouge, LA 70805 on Wednesday, May 4, 2011 beginning at 1:15 PM and ending at 2:15 PM.


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