Cohort 4 Residents

Here are the Residents of Cohort 4, and they stretch from Shreveport to New Orleans.  We are very excited to have these Residents, because they are truly doing amazing work in their schools all over Louisiana.



Sherika Caldwell, English Mentor Teacher, 7th Grade, at Woodlawn Leadership Academy in Shreveport, LA


Cheronda Weaver Cooper, English and Social Studies Teacher at Peabody Magnet High School in Alexandria, LA


Evelyn DiMarco, Interventionist/Inclusion teacher at Prescott Middle School in Baton Rouge, LA


Brandon Dumas, Health and P.E teacher at St. John Alternative School in Edgard, LA


Cheree Dupleis-Franklin, Assistant Principal at Prescott Middle School in Baton Rouge, LA


John Easterly, Financial Math and Economics Teacher at Denham Springs High School in Denahm Springs, LA


Coti Gayles, School Counselor at Landry High School in New Orleans, LA


Joan E. Reilly, Literacy Facilitator at Edward Hynes Elementary School in New Orleans, LA