Lea Banister, RLRP Cohort 6

Delmont Elementary & Sharon Hills Elementary Schools, East Baton Rouge Public School System

Where were you born?
San Francisco, Philippines

Where did you graduate high school?
Peninsula Academy, Philippines

What was your favorite subject in school?

Who was the most influential person in deciding your career path?
My mother

Why did you decide to become a principal?
I want to be of most service to the students and teachers.

What college did you attend?
Sacred Heart College, Philippines

What do you think the biggest issue with education is today?
I think we need to respond to what the learners need and not to make teachers accountable for the success of the students. There are lots of factors affecting students’ performance that we need to consider. It is not always the teachers to be blame.

What did you do before you entered the RLRP program?
I tried to help 3rd grade teachers by providing them flipcharts for every Math lessons.

What made you decide to participate in the RLRP program?
I would like to inspire teachers and students, that no matter what, when, or where – it is in one’s determination that lead to the success in life.

What is the hardest part about the RLRP program?
My schedule, but I’m getting to it now.

What has been the biggest part of your success in RLRP?
I am now well informed of the realities and challenges of becoming a school leader.

How has your learning experience been since joining the RLRP program?
In every session, I’m expecting for something new that will BUILD me up to be a unique leader.

What has been most rewarding since joining the RLRP program?
Success stories and experiences that I will not gain in any training or program are the most rewarding for me.

What piece of advice do you have for anyone considering the program?
We will not achieve anything if we will not invest first for ourselves. Knowledge and experience are very important to be an effective school leader.

Would you recommend the RLRP program to other teachers? Why?
I did recommend it already. I believe this is a program that will bring change in school management.