Alisa Welsh

Principal, RLRP Beta Cohort Graduate & Former RLRP Coach
Madison Preparatory Academy, Baton Rouge, LA

Alisa Welsh and The Community School for Apprenticeship & Learning, Inc. opened Madison Preparatory Academy, a charter high school, in the Fall of 2009. She oversaw the 2nd highest SPS score growth in the state during the 2011-2012 academic year - from 54.5 in 2011 to 99.2 in 2012, a gain of 44.7 points.  Alisa had 100% graduation rate at Madison Prep - 96% college, 2% military, 2% workforce.  98% students who enter Madison Prep as freshman continue on to be sophomores.

Year 1: 89 Students

Year 2: 180 Students

RLRP Outcomes

  • Converted underutilized space into student/teacher resource center
  • Connected community leaders to student clubs and organizations
  • Implemented “Use The World As A Classroom” philosophy for project-based learning

“Through RLRP I’ve gained first hand experience and “out of the box” thinking which allowed me to bring new experiences
 to both teachers and students!”