Paul Jackson

Principal, RLRP Cohort I Graduate

East Baton Rouge Laboratory Academy

EBR Lab offers a small learning environment that helps students make informed choices about their learning and their lives.  2010 was the largest number of first time students to enroll in EBR Laboratory Academy.  Paul oversaw the highest SPS growth in the state for the 2011-2012 academic year - from 53 in 2011 to 99.6 in 2012, a total gain of 46.6 points.  In 2011, EBR Lab School had a graduation rate of 87.1% and an attendance rate of 94.5%.

Year 1: 230 Students

Year 2: 290 Students

RLRP Outcomes

  • Developed an athletic program in 2009-2010 with boys and girls basketball and track.
  • Grew the athletic program to become a member of the Louisiana High School Athletic Association and also include bowling, golf, and power lifting in one school year.
  • Obtained over $10,000.00 in equipment and monetary donations for the athletic department.
  • Established relationships with members of the local business community.
  • Created a network of “edupreneurship” within the school.
  • Increased the notoriety and public awareness of the school.